Nickname Carte Personali

A-A Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets, Two Pips

A-K Big Slick, Anna Kournikova, Santa Barbara

A-Kcuori Walking Back to Houston, Big Slick in a Suit

A-Kquadri Mike Haven

A-Q Little Slick, Big Chick, Mrs. Slick, Doyle Brunson

A-J Blackjack, Ajax, Jackass

A-T Johnny Moss, A-Team, Bookends

A-8 Dead Man’s Hand

A-4 Tranny, The Kepple

A-3 Baskin-Robbins, Ashtray

A-2 Acey-Deucey, Drinking Age, Hunting season

K-K Cowboys, Elvis Presley, King Kong, Ace Magnets, angaroos

K-Q Marriage, Royalty

K-Q quadri Royal Couple

K-Q cuori The Royal Suicide

K-Q Suited Royal Marriage

K-Q unsuited Mixed Marriage, Romeo and Juliet

K-J Kojak, King John, Tucson Monster, Donk’s hand

K-9 Canine, Dog, Fido, Saw Mill, a pair of dogs, Unit

K-8 Kokomo

K-7 King Salmon, Columbia River

K-3 King Crab, Alaska Hand, Comamnder Crab

Q-Q Cowgirls, Ladies, Four Tits, Bitches, Jailhouse Rock, Sigfried and Roy, Hilton Sisters

Q-J Maverick, Oedipus

Q-T Q-Tip, Quint

Q-9 Quinine, Goolsby

Q-7 Computer Hand

Q-3 Gay Waiter, San Francisco Busboy

Q-3 Suited Posh Gay Waiter

J-J Fishhooks, Hooks, Jokers, Johnnies, Jay Birds

J-T Cloutier, T. J. Cloutier

J-7 Jack Daniel’s

J-6 Railroad Hand, Jeff Talley

J-5 Motown, Jackson Five

J-4 Flat Tyre

J-2 The Jericho

T-T Dimes, TNT

T-5 Five and Dime, Woolworths

T-4 Over and Out, Roger That, Good Buddy, Broderick Crawford

T-3 Weinberg

T-2 Doyle Brunson

9-9 German Virgin, Popeye’s, Phil Hellmuth, Balloons

9-8 Oldsmobile

9-6 Suited Prom Night

9-5 Dolly Parton, Full-time job, Hard Working Man, NJ Turnpike

9-4 Gold Rush

9-2 Montana Banana, Short Bus

8-8 Snowmen, Infinities, Double Infinity, two fat ladies, pupazzi di neve

8-6 Maxwell Smart

8-5 Finky dink

8-3 Raquel Welch, Sven

7-7 Hockey Sticks, Candy Canes, Walking Sticks, Saturn

7-8 RPM

7-6 Trombones, Union Oil

7-5 Heinz

7-4 Double Down

7-3 Joe Hachem

7-2 offsuit The Hammer, Beer Hand

7-2 suited Velvet Hammer, Beer Hand

6-9 Joe Bernstein, Big Lick, The Good Lover

6-6 Route 66, Kicks

6-4 suited The Rabbit

6-3 Blocky

6-2 Ainsworth

5-10 Woolworth, Five and Dime, Wallmart, Superstore

5-7 Pickle Man, Heinz, Chevy

5-5 Presto, Nickels, speed limit

5-4 Moneymaker

4-K Soprano Hand

4-9 Gold Rush, 49’ers

4-5 Jesse James, Colt45, Jane Russell

4-4 Sailboats, Midlife Crisis, Darth Vader, 44 Magnum, Colt44, Sail Boats, Pocket Draws

3-9 Jack Benny

3-8 Raquel Welch, Saturday Night Special

3-5 Bully Johnson

3-3 Crabs, Hooters

3-2 Can of Corn, Hooter Hand, Mississippi Slick, Ice

2-9 Twiggy

2-4 Lumberman’s Hand

2-3 Jordan

2-2 Ducks, Swans, Sleepers, Quack Quack, paperelle